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Information Overload

Do a search online for nutrition, dieting, macros, and you will find millions, yes, millions of websites. There is so much conflicting information on the internet, it is mind numbing. Never before, has mankind had such an abundance of information available. The problem is, there is too much information. What’s true, what’s scientifically based, and what sources of information are reliable?

About every three months there is a new fad diet, some miracle weight loss pill, or some magic shake that will change the world. We have become a quick fix, pill popping, fad culture and there does not seem to be an end in sight. Just about every health and fitness Guru wants to make a name for themselves. They accomplish this by coming up with the new and exciting solution to whatever ails you. Unfortunately there are even individuals in the scientific community who also want to make a name for themselves. One year someone writes a peer-reviewed paper on eggs and it is all over the news that eggs are bad for you. Ten years later, someone else writes about a new study on eggs and now eggs are not bad for you.

What are we to do with all of this? How do we sort through all the rhetoric, hype, and downright misinformation?

Stick To The Facts

To cut through all the BS, we must start with the facts! Though there is still much to learn and understand about biology, there is a lot we do know and understand. We know the biochemical structure of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. We understand how the body breaks down proteins into amino acids and how the body takes those amino acids and uses them for many bodily functions and structures. We must start with what we know is true. Eating healthy is not complicated, however our world has made it complicated. Weight loss is not rocket science, but our culture has made it overwhelming.

Our health, weight, and overall wellbeing is not just physical, it’s emotional. There is a tremendous amount of emotional energy spent on our physical appearance, how we preform, and how others perceive us. This strong emotion drives people to make decisions that many not be based on logic or science. In many cases these decisions are based on desperation and an “I’ll do anything” mind set. That is why the weight loss (dieting) industry is a 71.1 billion dollar money making machine. Companies are counting on and praying on peoples emotions. This is why we must stick to the facts.

The Solution

The National Personal Training Institute of Arizona is dedicated to scientifically based education. We stick to the facts! With the fusion of classroom instruction and hands on application we equip students to become health & fitness professionals. It’s about real solutions for real people with real problems. A fitness professional is much more than an expert at exercise technique, it’s about the whole person. At NPTI, we teach our students that if a client has a nutritional deficiency of any kind, it can affect their health in many ways. That’s why at NPTI we take it a step further and teach our students how to have a basic understanding of blood work results. We also make sure students understand HIPPA compliance to make sure a client’s medical information remains private.

We only teach proper application of the facts. That is an education that will take you places. It’s knowledge personal trainers can take to their clients and help them achieve results that last.

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