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The National Personal Training Institute of Arizona started with a simple idea. To give people the tools they need to be successful fitness professionals. It’s a simple idea but what would that look like in a school setting?

A Solid Foundation

With any good educational program, the fundamentals must be addressed first. What does a personal trainer need to know? Anatomy and physiology are the key components to understanding how the body works. Knowing the names of muscles and connective tissue and how they function synergistically to accomplish a movement is imperative to helping a client accomplish their goals. In general, schools and certification programs only teach the “how” without teaching the “why”. We at NPTI of Arizona believe the “why” is just as important as the “how”. The “why” is about practical application! Bringing subjects like Anatomy to life is one of the ways NPTI of Arizona is different from other schools and programs. We teach students about the muscles in the classroom, then apply the book knowledge on the gym floor to experience Anatomy in real life.

At NPTI it is our desire to teach students the wonder and awe of the human body. This incredible organic machine, that when put in the right conditions, can do extraordinary things.

A Strong Structure

Any program, regardless of the goal, must have enough of the right raw materials to accomplish the goal. Nutrition is an essential component of the NPTI curriculum. NPTI stresses the importance of balanced nutrition. Too often in the fitness world, the focus is primarily on the macros, and little to no consideration is taken with regards to the micros. Something you will hear at NPTI is, “if you are deficient in anything, it will affect you negatively”. Most certification programs do not cover the subject of vitamin and mineral deficiencies and the effects. Why is this important for personal trainers to understand? For example, did you know an iron deficiency can influence a persons ability to burn fat?

A mistake we have seen trainers make who have not been through our program is focusing too much on calories in and calories out, without having a fundamental understanding how proteins, fats and carbohydrates function in the body. Another mistake we have seen, is focusing on calories and not on food quality. We have an entire class dedicated to understanding food additives and how they negatively impact overall health.

NPTI students learn how to work with clients on a practical level; to help their clients make modifications to their eating habits. We teach students how to use food journaling as a tool and motivation. It’s not about dieting, it is about a lifestyle change.

The Inner Workings

There is no such thing as a cookie cutter workout! Each person is unique and requires a customized program to meet his/her needs and goals. One of the most exciting things that sets NPTI apart from other schools is the real life experience of the instructors. With their combined experience they have trained hundreds of clients throughout their own personal training careers. Students will review case studies of real personal training client scenarios. Students will learn how to work with and overcome difficult situations. NPTI teaches what can happen in the gym and many other fitness settings and how to handle it the best way possible.

Along with program design, students will learn the business side of the fitness world. Students will learn how to best maximize their time and organize their schedule. NPTI students will also learn basic business principles that will help avoid common pit falls when starting your own personal training company. If a student’s desire is to work for a gym or fitness facility NPTI instructors will teach from their own management experience how to be successful and move up within the organization.

To The Rafters

NPTI has taken its educational program above and beyond what is standard in the industry. Along with posture and movement analysis classes, we’ve added manual PNF stretching and myofascial release as part of our standard curriculum. We strongly believe fitness professionals need to understand the principles of increasing flexibility. Any trainer can put someone through a hard workout but not many personal trainers know how to properly apply PNF stretching and help their clients improve their range of motion. NPTI students of Arizona will know the biology of flexibility. They will learn first hand how to proficiently stretch clients safely and effectively.

As a NPTI graduate you will be a full service fitness professional and walk away with skills that go well beyond any certification. Lastly, some certification programs offer workshops, however the NPTI Master Trainer Program is 220 hours of classroom and hand-on instruction. One other program comes close.

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