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A True Measure Of Health

Why BMI Makes No Sense In the medical community there are 2 major measurements used to determine one’s health: BMI (Body Mass Index) and the scale. However, these are the least important and least effective ways to determine one’s health. We... Continue Reading

Mobility VS Flexibility

Not Interchangeable Many people mistakenly use the terms flexibility and mobility interchangeably. Although flexibility is a component of mobility; mobility and flexibility are different. Think About It Everybody knows the words mobility and flexibility. Take a moment to think... Continue Reading

The Nutrition Dilemma

Information Overload Do a search online for nutrition, dieting, macros, and you will find millions, yes, millions of websites. There is so much conflicting information on the internet, it is mind numbing. Never before, has mankind had such an... Continue Reading

Exercise Changed My Life

My name is Chris James, one the teachers at NPTI. I wanted to share some of my story so you, as a perspective student, have an idea as to what kind of people work at the National Personal Training... Continue Reading

What Makes NPTI Different

The National Personal Training Institute of Arizona started with a simple idea. To give people the tools they need to be successful fitness professionals. It’s a simple idea but what would that look like in a school setting? A... Continue Reading

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