Night Classes Now Available. Personal Training Classes

Online Continuing Education

The National Personal Training Institute of Arizona offers on-line continuing education courses to increase your over all knowledge and keep your certifications up to date and current. The National Personal Training Institute continuing education courses are recognized and accepted by NASM. See below what courses we have to offer.


Movement & Biomechanics

Health & Wellness Guru

Break Through Their Plateaus

Kettlebell Training

Progressions * Regressions Programming * Technique

Senior Fitness

Don’t guess at what is and is not safe for the Senior Population.

Better Golf, From The Inside Out

Tips and tools to increase your mobility and golf game.

Suspension Training

Perfect tool for mobilizing and progressing all levels of training.

Business Savvy

Must have tips to scale your business.

The Mindful Personal Trainer

Critical concepts that are keeping Personal Trainers from achieving their full potential.

Running Basics

Be better at meeting the fitness needs of your running clients.

Holistic HIIT

Stay on the cutting edge! 

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