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Arizona Graduates – Personal Trainers

The National Personal Training Institute does not sell or offer personal training services but we do endorse our graduates!

The truth of the matter is, it’s hard to know what you are getting when you hire a personal trainer. Anyone, and we mean anyone can go on-line, take a 3 week course and get a certification. No experience, no hands on instruction, and certifications come with varying levels composition. When looking for a personal trainer, you want to make sure they have the necessary experience and education.

Personal Training needs are highly diverse and broad in scope, so finding the right personal trainer can be a bit tricky. However, we take out the guess work. Graduates acquire 220 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on experience. Along with kettlebell, suspension training, PNF stretching, and CPR/AED certifications. No other program is this comprehensive! You can trust that a National Personal Training Institute of Arizona personal trainer will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Fill out the form below and a personal trainer will contact you with-in 48 hours.

The National Personal Training Institute of Arizona is not responsible for the actions, services, pricing, conduct or liable for any injury’s that may occur while working with a personal trainer. By filling out the above form, you understand that a personal trainer who will be calling you is a graduate and is a recommendation only. You understand that it is your responsibility to properly vet the individual and make your own design to hire him/her. We always recommend before hiring a personal trainer to have them submit to a background check.

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