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In-Person Personal Trainer Certification School

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2024 Class Dates
Dates Times Start Graduate Enrollment
9:30am - 2:30pm
Monday - Thursday
Starts: September 30th Monday
Class Time: 9:30am - 2:30pm
Class Days: Monday - Thursday
Graduation: December 19th
Enrollment: Full Time
September 30th Monday December 19th Full Time Register
9:30am - 2:30pm
Monday & Wednesday (1st term, Tuesday & Thursday 2nd Term)
Starts: September 30th Monday
Class Time: 9:30am - 2:30pm
Class Days: Monday & Wednesday (1st term, Tuesday & Thursday 2nd Term)
Graduation: March 27th, 2025
Enrollment: Part Time
September 30th Monday March 27th, 2025 Part Time Register
5:00pm - 10:00pm
Monday & Wednesday Nights
Starts: September 30th Monday
Class Time: 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Class Days: Monday & Wednesday Nights
Graduation: March 27th, 2025
Enrollment: Part Time Nights
September 30th Monday March 27th, 2025 Part Time Nights Register


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About our Arizona Campus

Welcome To National Personal Training Institute of AZ

A state licensed vocational/trade school (AZPPSE)

Certified by the VA to accept the G.I. Bill®

The perfect balance of classroom instruction with hands-on principles and practices. We take what is learned in the classroom and apply it on the gym floor.

A comprehensive approach to learning to include:

  • Learn Perfect Exercise Form
  • Practical, Hands on Experience
  • NASM Certification Preparation
  • Nutrition Coaching Principles
  • Program/Workout Design
  • Human Anatomy
  • Physiology / Biomechanics
  • PNF Stretching & Myofascial Release
  • Working with Special Populations
  • Fitness Business & PT Sales Principles
  • Online Personal Training Principles
  • Movement & Posture
  • Kettlebell, Suspension, and PNF stretching certifications are also included in the Master Trainer Program
  • Job Placement Assistance

Our Reviews

NPTI is a great place to get a solid base on how to become a Master Personal Physical trainer. Quality...

Nathan G

I just graduated from NPTI in September and I had an amazing experience. NPTI provides an education that you will...

Yarania R

Travis made the entire experience at NPTI phenomenal! You can tell he is passionate about teaching & seeing us grow...

Carolyn V

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National Personal Training Institute of Arizona

100% In-Class Personal Trainer Education

Hands-On education, real life application, classroom instruction. The National Personal Training Institute of Arizona takes personal training education from the classroom to the gym. It’s about going beyond the book and taking what is learned to the gym floor. Understand anatomy at a whole new level. Learn program design from fitness professionals with years of personal training experience.

Tune in Now: The Latest 4 Episodes of ‘Fans of Fitness’ Podcast

A podcast dedicated to bringing awareness to our graduates, students, and other health, wellness, and fitness professionals

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Course Curriculum

Master Personal Trainer Program

Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy The class will cover muscle origin, insertion, action and will then go over these actions during practical application in the gym. For example: Biceps Femoris (Long Head)Origin – Ischial…

More Details

Posture/Movement Analysis

Biomechanics The Science of Human Movement Analysis This course uses various tools to educate students on posture and movement such as posture charts, instructional videos from various experts including Grey…

More Details


Nutritional Science, Eating Habits & Human Energy Nutrition is the foundation of any and every fitness goal. Regardless of what someone is trying to accomplish physically, without proper nutrition, the…

More Details


Hands-On Instruction & Practical Application Most courses offer text books, illustrations, and even videos to teach about movement patterners, range of motion, and “how to” instructions to preform specific exercises.…

More Details

Program Design

Creating Customized Workout Programs This course gives structure to the programming and guidance in developing proper exercise and nutritional programs. After creating a base and foundation, program designing is crucial…

More Details

Fitness Business

Business Principles, Sales & Liability This class is an overview of business practices as it relates to the fitness industry. As a personal trainer, whether work from a gym or…

More Details

Stretching & Myofascial release

As part of the curriculum, students will learn the principles of flexibility, manual stretching and myofascial release. Students will also learn the difference between static stretching, dynamic stretching and proprioceptive…

More Details

National Personal Training Institute of Arizona Course Certifications

Included in the Master Trainer Program. As part of the Master Trainer Program, students who complete the program will not only receive a diploma but also three certifications.…

More Details

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – Cert Prep.

The National Personal Training Institute is an academic partner with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). We have integrated the 7th edition personal…

More Details

Who We Are

Why Choose National Personal Training Institute of Arizona


Practical Application

Learn from our team of fitness experts who will share their real life experience and bring it to life in a real gym setting.


Affordable payment options that works with most budgets. Low cost compared to similar programs!


We are licensed through the Arizona Private Postsecondary Board of Education. All graduates receive a diploma.

Partnered With NASM

Certification preparation, NASM book, and a 40% discount on testing is included.

Professional Staff

Our team of educators has the professional experience that goes well beyond book knowledge.

High Success Rate

Graduates have a higher than average success rate due to our hands on and practical application approach.

Personal Training Education

We offer Full Time Class, Part Time Classes and Seminars

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