Night Classes Now Available. Personal Training Classes     Located inside The Gym Mesa 1126 S. Gilbert Rd, Mesa AZ 85204

The National Personal Training Institute is unlike any personal training organization in Arizona. With the fusion of classroom instruction and hands-on application, we take a students educational experience to a whole new level.

We believe that getting a personal training certification is an important part of your educational journey, that is why we teamed up with NASM. However, a certification is only the book knowledge. Knowledge without knowing how to properly apply it can lead to frustration, mistakes, and ultimately failure. To often this has occurred and that is why the National Personal Training Institute of Arizona exists.

Personal training is one of the most rewarding careers! Personal training is about changing lives!

The difference between a personal training certification and The National Personal Training Institute of Arizona is how we apply what is taught in class and how it applies to real life scenarios. The staff has decades of personal training, gym management, and fitness business ownership experience. Our staff has lived it! We encourage our students to ask questions a book can’t answer.

The education experience is broken up into two phases. Phase one is the classroom instruction and phase two is the hands-on instruction. The hands-on phase incorporates time on the gym floor where students learn: proper exercise form, exercise modifications, program development, PNF stretching, and rehabilitate training basics.

Since, the National Personal Training Institute of Arizona is location at TG-The Gym in Mesa Arizona, we have a full gym at our disposal. Practical application at its finest! A gym membership at TG is included in the tuition.

For more information or to get started, contact us today!

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