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Included in the Master Trainer Diploma Program

As part of the Master Trainer Program, students who complete the program will not only receive a diploma but also three certifications. The certifications included are: Kettlebell, Suspension Training, and CPR & AED.

Kettlebell Certification

The objective of this certification is to demonstrate the fundamentals of safe and effective kettlebell lifting. And to guild students on the path of building strength and fluid movement techniques using kettlebells.

The benefits of using kettlebells are extensive and with this single tool one can create incredible strength, power, and endurance if used to its full potential. We believe the kettlebell can create powerful athletes regardless of your selected sport or physical goal.

Very few tools are as adaptable and portable as the kettlebell. Whether you decide to use your kettlebell certification to enhance your training or as a standalone tool you, will gain the knowledge on how to do so.

Suspension Training Certification

The Suspension Certification Course will provide the student a comprehensive look into the concepts and techniques of suspension training using suspension straps. This class provides information on the purpose, and benefits, of suspension fitness training. Participants will master how to identify and apply several essential functional movement patterns during a suspension fitness class.

Students will learn how to explain and demonstrate the suspension equipment set-up. Participants will learn suspension exercises of which movements focus on strength, flexibility, balance, stabilization, and functional movement patterns.

After completing the class, students will be able to instruct a safe and effective suspension training session while demonstrating proper form, body positioning, and technique.

CPR & AED Certification

First-response situations oftentimes call for a swift response of CPR and AED, and the skills associated with them. You never know when an emergency situation may occur, and so the only defense is proper training. This is what makes CPR and AED Certification so critical. Whether it is in a traditional gym setting or in someone’s home, having access to all the necessary tools and knowledge is essential.

Along with having the necessary knowledge in an emergency situation, most gyms, practitioners, and fitness facilities require CPR & AED certification for employment.


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