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Business Principles, Sales & Liability

This class is an overview of business practices as it relates to the fitness industry. As a personal trainer, whether work from a gym or plan on starting your own company, its vital for success to know how to manager your book of business. This class is designed to build a proactive mindset in sales, marketing, management, networking, communication, business setup/registry, and self-promotion. In addition, it addresses the legal responsibilities, insurance, certification and educational standards.

The Fitness Business class also looks at the current trends and future projections of the industry. Students will learn about social media and how it can increase business opportunity. In addition, students will work in groups to write a business plan and present their ideas to the class. This course includes time allocated for guest presenters ranging from various health-related fields including, nutrition, mind and soul, fitness general management, fitness professional, strength and conditioning, massage, yoga and pilates realms or health and wellness.

The pictures listed below are students giving business presentations as part of their final grade.


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