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Nutritional Science, Eating Habits & Human Energy

Nutrition is the foundation of any and every fitness goal. Regardless of what someone is trying to accomplish physically, without proper nutrition, the body will not have what it needs to make the necessary biological changes.

Too often in the fitness world, nutrition takes a second seat to working out. It’s like a carpenter showing up to the work site without having all the necessary materials to build a house. So, it is with building the body you desire. Imagine, protein is like 2/4’s, but without screws and nails (vitamins and minerals), you can build nothing. Nutrition must be balanced and must also be customized for the desired result.

It’s also important to have knowledge about supplementation. There is a lot of debate on whether or not supplementation is helpful, or just a waste of money. In this course we will cover the viability of supplementation, what to avoid and why, and how it can impact performance.

This course investigates the nutritional science and foundations of food and energy. The course breaks down the raw science and investigation of nutrients. We will discuss the psychological and societal impact on food choices, availability, and perceptions. We will address the energy balance and individual differences throughout human physiology, to help explain differences in metabolism, genetics, appearances, performance levels, weight management, and disease prevention.

At the end of the course, we take you on a grocery store tour. We teach you how to better shop for food, what are good alternatives, and how to spot deceiving food labeling. We will also show you have to add “the grocery store tour” to your business as another way to mentor your clients.

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