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The Science of Human Movement Analysis

This course uses various tools to educate students on posture and movement such as posture charts, instructional videos from various experts including Grey Cook and Justin Price. These instructional videos provide a framework for analyzing stance and gait patterns, which helps identify mobility or stability issues through the bio-mechanical system of the human body. Identifying imbalances will help address alignment and movement technique in helping increase performance, sustain exercise, promote joint health, prevent or decrease joint pain and gain confidence.

It is imperative to do a posture and movement screen for every client to see how they move. A fitness professional doesn’t hand out cookie cutter programs without a movement screen. Not doing so will only add performance on top of dysfunction and can lead to injuries. If you want to be a respected fitness professional, you will not just help someone reach their goals, you will help them move better and minimize pain brought on by faulty movement patterns.

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