Night Classes Now Available. Personal Training Classes     Located inside The Gym Mesa 1126 S. Gilbert Rd, Mesa AZ 85204

Hands-On Instruction & Practical Application

Most courses offer text books, illustrations, and even videos to teach about movement patterners, range of motion, and “how to” instructions to preform specific exercises. Those methods are helpful to understanding from a knowledge based perspective however textbooks, illustrations and videos are ineffective in understand exercise mastery from a real life perceptive. Correct form can only be learned hands-on, with a professional giving guidance and critiques. You have to see it, do it and feel it! Along with correct form, we instruct students on how to correct form in a trainer/client scenario. Students will also learn exercise modifications to accommodate clients needs and/or limitations.

The National Personal Training Institute of Arizona Integrates physiology and anatomy, nutrition, program design, and posture/movement analysis courses. This infrastructure is used to help simulate hands-on, practical experience in the workplace. Students will get first-hand experience in personal training, group training. Also students will learn how to demonstrate exercises, instruct with professionalism, and communicate clearly through cueing.

The goal of the course is to gain confidence for the eventual transition from the classroom to the fitness facility. The course gives the students an opportunity to take the scientific language and training techniques and present them to the client through effective and professional communication.


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